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If by chance you’ve passed The Blue Haven Hotel on a Summer’s night in the beautiful coastal town of Kinsale, Co. Cork, you may well have stumbled upon the bewitching sound of the well-known Irish Traditional Music group, Arundó. The band’s music will coax you inside like a siren luring the sailors of old on to the rocks!

Inside, the bar is filled with the haunting tones of the ancient Irish Uilleann Pipes, the thundering beat of the bodhrán or the strains of a beautiful Irish ballad and soaring above them all, the light intricate melodies of the mandolin. Then, without warning, two flamboyant dancers appear and dazzle the audience with their mesmerizing footwork tapping out rhythmical beats to the ancient music filling the air! Come and enjoy a taste of authentic Irish culture with Arundó and dancers from the Kiely Walsh Dance Academy.


Jack O'Rourke

Jack sings and plays on our grand piano in the Bar. Jacks preference would be mostly jazz, blues and folk/rock covers including everything from Tom Waits to Louis Armstrong to BB King to Gershwin and Springsteen.

Jack loves to take requests!

  • "Jack O' Rourke's music has a grace and a glory to it that will stop you in your tracks and make you forget where you were going! "Silence" is one of the songs of the year for me.. "I'll Forget You In The Morning" took me away too .... Beautiful honest songwriting delivered with a transporting musicality that will take you there... wherever you are going!' Fiachna O' Braonáin, RTE Radio 1
  • "Every nook and cranny of The Other Side of Now is filled with harmony, rhythm and melody. The E.P. is crafted, both ‘Shining For You’ and the title-track move in great dynamic sweeps that showcase O’Rourke has total control over the sound, knowing when to rein it in or unleash it in equal measure. What’s more, the E.P. sounds exactly like the type of record Jack O’Rourke wanted to make, and you can’t say fairer than that. Rating: 9/10" The Last Mixed Tape 
  • " Cork singer with oodles of soul, blues and jazz, all wrapped up with a striking modern pop bow" - Jim Carroll, The Irish Times
  • "Wonderful... So moving" -  Maria McKee
  • "Silence is a modern rebel song. The song is truly beautiful. It the change that happened in Ireland", Cerys Matthews, BBC4 - The Great Irish Songbook, 2015 
  • "Wonderful songs, beautifully written, performed and presented by Jack O Rourke (a distant cousin perhaps)" Declan O Rourke



Grainne Ryan

Grainne Ryan is a extremely talented Jazz Vocalist from Kinsale. Her singing style is based on singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Doris day. She performs much of the music that has been made popular by Michael Bublé, Diana Krall and Norah Jones. The 1940's and 50's style of singing that is still hugely popular to this day.

Grainne is truly gifted with her beautiful voice.



Mike O'Riordan

Mike is a highly experienced singer/musician based in Kinsale with a huge range of options and combinations for different events from a one-piece to full band with widely varying two, three, four, five piece and upwards if required.

Heavily influenced for many years by the music of Bruce Springsteen, Paul Brady, Van Morrisson, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder as well as the great Irish artists of more recent times like Declan O' Rourke and the Frames and an eclectic combination of so many others from the weird to the wonderful and a whole lot in between.


Niall McCabe

The Niall McCabe Band have honed a sound that is structured around the conventions of soul music and, in equal parts, reflects the influence of folk and rock traditions on their performance and writing. They call their sound a unique transatlantic soul.

Description: //niallmccabe.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/DSC8281-1024x640.jpg

Niall is a cross genre multi-instrumentalist, whose song writing pays homage to his insularity upbringing growing up on a Clare Island off the coast of County Mayo. This has had a profound effect on his song-writing and thinking in general which transcends through his energy on stage as a real showman.

The band features Hugh Dillon on electric guitar, Dave Duffy on bass and Davie Ryan on drums. The band share passion and love for music which has developed from having played together in various groups over the last five years including Jazz quartets and Big-Band Soul outfits.

We believe in their music and this unique blend of transatlantic soul. Why not see our music line up to see when Niall and the band perform.

Sharon Crosbie

Sharon Crosbie is a talented Singer that performs here regularly check out our music line up to see when she performs.

Two Time Polka

Two Time Polka have developed a distinctive sound that has its roots in Cajun, Zydeco, and Bluegrass music. They have built up an enviable reputation for turning out excellent live shows, including numerous performances at Irish festivals such as The Kilkenny Country Roots, The Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures, The Cork Jazz Festival, to name but a few.

The band has also done several European tours and has played at the legendary Glastonbury Festival and more recently Italy’s Premier International Folk Festival ‘Folkest’. Their long history and success as a folk band makes them a perfect fit to perform here at the Blue Haven.

Crazy Chester

Crazy Chester are a talented band that performs here regularly check out our music line up to see when she performs.