Rare is an exciting dining and cocktail experience that is made possible by our incredible local suppliers. From their farms and cottage industry businesses to our kitchen door, our suppliers bring us the best seasonal ingredients they have to offer. We have the utmost respect for all these local food heroes who put their heart and soul into creating the produce we work with.

Our commitment to working with only the freshest and best quality ingredients results in a weekly changing and ever-evolving menu that, we feel, showcases the best that the island has to offer. Chef Meeran Manzoor draws upon his wealth of global culinary expertise to create a menu that is both innovative and surprising, while always maintaining the integrity of the produce. 

Choose from our 5 Course, 7 Course, or Small Plates menus in a relaxed and welcoming dining room. Enjoy one of our innovative cocktails, treat yourself to a wine pairing experience, or choose from our diverse range of classic, biodynamic and organic wines. Our team, both back, and front of house is unified by friendship as well as a creative spirit and passion for delivering a memorable dining experience. We look forward to welcoming you! 

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